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Brius® is a revolutionary method of straightening the teeth that doesn’t use braces, wires or aligners. It is the first to offer a truly invisible orthodontic treatment, offering patients a convenient and comfortable path to enhancing the smile. Sequence Orthodontics offers this treatment to the residents of Waldorf and the surrounding areas of Maryland.

What is Brius®?

Brius® is a unique method of aligning the teeth that doesn’t involve braces, wires or aligners. Instead, a small metal device is placed behind the teeth, where it attaches to each individual tooth independently. As a result, patients can enjoy a truly invisible orthodontic treatment. Furthermore, since this treatment targets individual teeth and does not require the repeated use of removable aligners, Brius® is able to offer a more comfortable and accelerated treatment process.

What are the Advantages of Brius®?

Without using traditional orthodontic devices, Brius® offers a new type of treatment with significant advantages. These include:

  • More comfortable than braces or aligners
  • Completely invisible in the mouth
  • 50% reduction in treatment time
  • Doesn’t impact oral hygiene habits

How Does Brius® Work to Align Teeth?

The Brius® treatment involves a single orthodontic appliance, which is placed behind the teeth. The appliance is then attached to each tooth individually. By doing this, each tooth can be moved and aligned simultaneously yet independently of one another. This enables Brius® to produce accelerated results compared to braces and aligners, which are limited by the devices involved. As a result, patients can enjoy a treatment that is completed in a matter of months, not years.

How Long Does the Brius® Treatment Last?

The exact duration of your Brius® treatment will depend on the starting position of your teeth, which can vary by patient. Generally, Brius® treatments take about 50% less time than a comparable braces or aligner treatment. Thanks to the efficient Brius® technology, many patients can enjoy an orthodontic treatment that is completed in less than a year.

Am I A Good Candidate for Brius®?

If you are interested in an invisible orthodontic treatment with a shorter treatment process than braces or aligners, you may be a good candidate for Brius®. However, Brius® may not be the optimal solution for all patients. Therefore, the best way to determine your candidacy for Brius® is to schedule a consultation at Sequence Orthodontics. We’ll help you determine the best treatment for your smile.

What Should I Do Next?

If you are interested in learning more about the Brius® treatment, contact us today to schedule your consultation at Sequence Orthodontics. We welcome patients living in Charles County, St. Mary’s County, Waldorf and the surrounding areas of Maryland.