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Clear Aligners in Charles County, MD

Clear aligners offer a more comfortable and natural-looking treatment for correcting the alignment of the teeth. Many patients prefer clear aligners over braces for these very reasons. At Sequence Orthodontics, we offer clear aligners and other orthodontic services to the residents Waldorf, Charles County and St. Mary’s County, Maryland.

What Are Clear Aligners?

Clear aligners are orthodontic devices that align and straighten the teeth, enhance a patient’s bite and improve overall dental health. In this way, clear aligners are very similar to orthodontic braces. However, clear aligners differ from traditional braces because they do not require the attachment of metal appliances to the teeth. Instead, clear aligners are made of a clear, flexible plastic, and can be removed from the teeth as needed. They provide a distinctly different treatment experience compared to traditional braces.

How Do Clear Aligners Work?

Clear aligners work by applying gentle pressure to the teeth. Over time, this pressure causes the teeth to shift into the correct positions. Prior to treatment, a series of clear aligners will be custom-made for the patient. Each aligner will be shaped differently to continue shifting the teeth as treatment progresses. Every few weeks, the aligner will be swapped out for the next aligner in the series, moving teeth into the optimal position over the course of treatment. These aligners may be combined with elastics or discreet attachments to the teeth to optimize the alignment of the teeth and jaw.

What are the Advantages of Clear Aligners?

Clear aligners are a popular alternative to traditional braces because they offer many unique advantages. These advantages include: 

  • Clear aligners are fully removable
    • No dietary restrictions
    • Can be removed for eating, brushing and flossing
  • Offering a natural-looking smile throughout treatment
    • Clear aligners blend in with the teeth
  • Providing a more comfortable treatment experience
    • No sharp metal irritating the inside of the mouth
    • Fewer visits to the orthodontist

What Kinds of Clear Aligners are Available?

At Sequence Orthodontics, we are proud to offer a variety of clear aligner treatments to our patients. Currently, these options include:

  • Brius®
    • Brius® treatment does not use braces or aligners, but instead places a device behind the teeth. There are no wires or aligners involved, so dental hygiene is unaffected. Brius® offers a completely invisible orthodontic treatment with an accelerated treatment time compared to other techniques.
  • Invisalign®
    • Invisalign® aligners are the gold standard for clear aligners. Treatment involves a series of clear aligners that gradually move the teeth over the course of treatment. Aligners can be removed for eating, brushing and flossing.

Am I A Good Candidate for Clear Aligners?

Although clear aligners are suitable for most patients, they may not be optimal for everyone. These treatments can be highly effective for enhancing the alignment of the teeth, but they cannot correct all dental and orthodontic issues. In order to determine your candidacy for clear aligners, we invite you to schedule a consultation at Sequence Orthodontics. We’ll help you determine the optimal treatment for your smile.

What Should I Do Next?

If you live in Charles County or St. Mary’s County, including Waldorf or the nearby areas of Maryland, contact us today to learn more about clear aligners or to schedule your initial consultation. Sequence Orthodontics is proud to offer these and other solutions to help patients achieve beautiful, healthy smiles.