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Is Invisalign® Right for Me?

Mostly all adults looking for straighter teeth don’t wish to jump aboard a lengthy regimen of wired braces. Fortunately, Invisalign® clear aligners provide a subtle and discreet method to aligning teeth. But, while many like the obvious benefits that these aligners offers, not all will be qualified for this type of treatment. For most orthodontists, there are four general main concerns about Invisalign® treatments which may help to determine whether or not a patient is qualified.

Invisalign® in Charles County and St. Mary’s County, MD


Factor #1: Age

Young children and even teenagers may still be growing in permanent teeth. And, braces can be tuned during this growth to help the teeth position where they should. However, Invisalign® clear aligners cannot accommodate still-growing teeth. So, they are best used as a method for teeth straightening by older teenagers and adults who wish to take advantage of this type of treatment.


Factor #2: Severity

While Invisalign® can help with most alignment and spacing issues which need addressing, some cases are too severe for this treatment to be beneficial. For example, those with more severe overbites may not be candidates for Invisalign® because the clear aligners don’t work to adjust the jaw into the desired position. But, if you’re experiencing tooth overcrowding, gaps, minor overbite, underbite, or crossbite, you may still be a good candidate for this treatment.


Factor #3: Patient Lifestyle

Finally, the last concern for an orthodontist when it comes to providing Invisalign® treatments is the dedication of the patient to adjusting their smile. Yes, Invisalign® a simple treatment which requires little action on the part of the patient. But, it doesn’t work unless a patient utilizes the aligners as the orthodontist instructs. This includes that the aligners are worn at least 22 hours every day and are also taken out whenever a patient consumes either food or beverage (besides water). If a patient isn’t willing to abide by the needs of the treatment, Invisalign® should not be the considered solution.


Want to See if Invisalign® is Right for You?
If you still think Invisalign® may be the best solution to fixing your smile, a consultation with an orthodontist can tell you more about this treatment and get you sized for your very own clear aligners. Looking for an orthodontist in St. Mary county or Charles county? Contact the experts at Sequence Orthodontics for your Invisalign® consultation.