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Types of Orthodontic Appliances

Sequence Orthodontics, conveniently located in Waldorf and Leonardtown, and serving Charles County and St. Mary’s County, Maryland, provides a range of orthodontic appliances to treat a variety of orthodontic issues. 

What Kinds of Orthodontic Appliances Are Available at Sequence Orthodontics?

Sequence Orthodontics provides a variety of orthodontic treatments, including several types of braces to suit individual needs and preferences. Prices, as well as the length of treatment, may vary, and these factors may affect your choice of treatment.

Metal Braces are constructed out of stainless steel. Brackets made of metal are glued to each tooth with an orally approved bonding cement. These brackets are then attached to a thin wire that threads them together. They are further connected by elastic ligatures, also known as o-rings. Teeth are slowly repositioned as the wire is tightened.

Ceramic Braces are very similar in design to metal braces, with the major difference being the composition of the brackets. They are made from a light colored ceramic, making them less noticeable.

Lingual Braces are made with the same material as traditional metal braces. They differ in the way that they are attached and positioned on the backside of the teeth, making them considerably less apparent.

Invisalign® is a viable replacement for metal or ceramic braces. Instead of using a traditional system of brackets and wires, Invisalign® straightens teeth using a series of aligners made from clear plastic. These aligners are customized and have a similar look to mouth guards. The aligners are replaced at two-week intervals in order to slowly straighten teeth. They are barely visible, but they may be removed for eating, cleaning and even occasional special events, such as picture day. Invisalign® is a great way to straighten teeth with minimal fuss, and it has shown to be a great replacement for traditional retainers that help uphold results once teeth are straightened.

SureSmile® is a revolutionary treatment that uses customized orthodontic arch wires to straighten teeth. The technique utilizes 3-D imaging, treatment planning software and a robot to design and create the wires. According to ORTHODONTICS: The Art and Practice of Dentofacial Enhancement, the SureSmile® procedure may decrease the duration of orthodontic treatment by 34 percent while increasing the precision of the results.

Six Month Smiles® is a short-term orthodontic procedure that provides an alternative to traditional braces and other orthodontic solutions for adults who wish to have their teeth straightened. Six Month Smiles® is achieved through the use of clear brackets and tooth-colored memory wires that are practically invisible, and straighten the teeth over a period of six months in most cases. After the initial fitting, patients return every four weeks for simple adjustments.

What Should I Do Next?

Residents of Charles County or St. Mary’s County, Maryland who want to learn more about orthodontic appliances and devices should contact our Waldorf or Leonardtown office to schedule a consultation with our specialists at Sequence Orthodontics.