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Why Choose an Orthodontic Specialist Over a General Dentist?

Some dentists offer orthodontic treatments. So, you may be wondering the importance of orthodontists, or if you should even consider an orthodontist for these types of treatments at all. The reality is that there are differences between dentists and orthodontists. And, while a dentist may be able to perform orthodontic treatments, you may wish to consider choosing an orthodontist for your teeth alignment needs.

Schooling for both Dentists and Orthodontists

It’s true that both dentists and orthodontists have to attend and graduate dental school to perform dental treatments. So, each job description learns how to identify and treat common dental concerns. However, the length of time differs for each occupation. Dentists who wish to solely perform general dentistry have to graduate from dental school, which takes 8 years (bachelor’s degree and dental school). But, those who wish to become orthodontists must continue dental school with a 2-3 year residency.

Typically, dentists who perform both general dentistry and offer orthodontic treatments continue with educational classes until qualified to offer desired treatments. So, they may continue with classes while simultaneously offering general dentistry. But, an orthodontist has completed up to 11 consecutive years of schooling before practicing orthodontic procedures.

Which Profession for Which Issue?

Basically, an orthodontist is a specialized type of dentist who has training in treating severe cases of teeth alignment and positioning. And, dentists who perform general dentistry can help to identify and treat common oral health conditions. So it’s important, before choosing between a dentist and orthodontist, to consider your oral needs before choosing which type of doctor is best.

For example, a dentist can fix a cavity. But, if that cavity is the result of overcrowding of teeth and the inability to properly floss or brush, an orthodontist can help to straighten the teeth so that proper alignment is obtained. So, if you simply need to identify your issues and get a routine cleaning, a dentist is fine. But, if you need to fix the alignment of your teeth and prevent further issues, an orthodontist is the correct and most effective choice.

Your Orthodontist Consultation

Fortunately, a consultation with an orthodontic can not only help to identify the issue you’re experiencing, but the treatment which will best help to provide you with the beautiful smile you want and deserve. Start the journey to your new smile and schedule your orthodontist consultation with a specialist at Sequence Orthodontics.