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Why Should I Wear a Retainer After Braces?

Finally–the moment you’ve been waiting months to arrive. After a number of adjustments, tightenings, and daily maintenance, your braces are coming off! Undoubtedly, the day you get your braces removed is exciting and satisfying. You can’t wait to show off your straight, pearly whites to everyone you know. But, just when you think you’re free, your orthodontist reminds you of your after braces retainer. While it may not be something you’re excited about now, wearing your retainer after having braces is something you will thank yourself for doing in the long run.

The Importance of a Retainer

Braces work by utilizing wires which slowly turn and shift teeth to their optimal positioning. This movement is slow. But, even slower is the rate at which the mouth will register the new positioning as permanent. So, retainers can be used to keep the newly positioned teeth into place until permanent positioning is fixed. Without using a retainer on a daily basis after braces, a patient can have an orthodontic relapse. And, the use of braces may be required to once again realign the teeth.

How Long Will I Have to Wear My Retainer?

At first, retainers must be worn at all times of the day. Usually, a non-removable bottom retainer is applied and a removable top retainer is provided. Typically, all-day wear of retainers is suggested for the same amount of time the braces were worn. After this amount of time, removable retainers should be worn during the night. The wearing of retainers during sleep is commonly practiced for years, or until permanent teeth settlement is thought to be achieved. However, if patients are serious about the permanent aligning of their teeth, they will wear a retainer at night for the remainder of their lifetimes. This is because the bone is ever growing and shaping.

Do You Think You May Need Braces?

Since bones are ever-shifting and growing, individuals may find that they need braces later in life. Or, maybe you just haven’t considered orthodontic solutions to teeth alignment until now. Whatever the case, there is an orthodontic solution which can help you get the smile you’ve always wanted. To get your orthodontic consultation, contact the Sequence Orthodontics location nearest you.